Welcome to Shree H.K.Parekh BBA College

(Managed by Shree Mahuva Education Trust)

The Mahuva Education Trust is committed to educate the people of Mahuva & its rural and coastal areas. Our emphasis is on education of women & socially & economically backward class. Our trust believes that education must be available to all the needy & must be satisfying the current market demand. In Today’s world we concentrate on the importance of work culture in the era of universality development. Our aim is to educate the students in such a way that they must be able to apply their knowledge in practice in real life.

We have started the B. B. A. Programme since 2007 to make available the education of Business Administration to the students. Modern education is not complete without the knowledge of Managerial Skill.

This is three year programme offering the degree Bachelor of Business Administration. The course is aimed at developing the management professionals in the wide range of areas such as Accounting, Information Systems, marketing, Human Resource, Operations Management etc. in business sector & research. This course also caters to the need of industry and works as a bridge between the student and industry.

About Us

Shree Mahuva Education Trust operates Shree H. K. Parekh College of Management (B.B.A.) since 2007. In addition to this trust also running Shree K. V. Parekh Science, Matushree T. K. Parekh Arts, Smt. G. S. Parekh Commerce College, Smt. K. B. Parekh College of Computer Science(BCA and M.Sc (IT) programmes).

- Shree Madhukarbhai B. Parekh,The Chairman